About me

Some people call me a walking encyclopedia or Dora the Explorer. I prefer Dora the Explorer because she has a pet monkey (and I had one in the past, just ask me about it).

I have traveled over 70 countries so far and I nurture a passion for learning languages and cultivating new experiences.

At age 22, I created a project called Playing with Kids, it was aimed at teaching a second language for disadvantaged kids in Brazil, through my achievements and blogging the progress about the project at that time I was invited to represent Brazil at a youth congress organized by Unesco in the United States.

Now back to the preset, over three years ago I made a career change that was motivated by my experience living abroad and now I work as a UX designer synthesizing the needs and goals of users, product managers, marketing and salespeople, user researchers, writers, localisers, developers and testers to ensure the best possible visual design and user experience.

Besides my career in Design, I am proud advocate of women in tech. I have founded Ladies that UX Chapter in 2017 and joined Girls in Tech Dublin as co-managing director.

Differences make a Difference

According to a MIT study diversity improves performance, morale, and the end product. More women working in tech, especially as engineers and designers mean improving software that can service society as a whole.

He who writes history makes history

Women in tech are under-represented, often underpaid, passed for promotions and faced with every day sexism. Women are also more likely to leave the industry within a year compared to their male counterparts which  makes having role models at the C- level difficult.

Want to see my portfolio? Click here 👉

My Design Skills

Visual Design

From Photoshop, Illustrator to InDesign, I have been through banners, magazines and even medicine cartons and leaflets, you name it.

Currently working with Sketch and giving Adobe XD a try.


I love pen and paper sketches and using Sketch and Adobe XD to do rapid prototyping, first wireframes and then high fidelity mockups.

Then I present through Marvel or InVision App.

I also can prototype through WebFlow.

UX Research & Documentation

Everything started when I was working in marketing and everything got better when I transitioned to UX.

Personas, user scenarios, UX specs, task flows, wireframes, site maps, storyboards, taxonomies and task flows.


Designers should code?

I do know how to use GitHub and CodePen.

Project Management

Besides my previous experience as a Project Manager. I enjoy Lean UX and a well organised Trello board.

#kaban #sprints #agile

Digital Marketing

Google analytics, email & marketing automation, SEO and SEM.

Recent Speak Engagements

+October’ 18: Hosted by 3rd Blockchain for Finance Conference, Europe

– “Lunch & learn: you diversify your investment portfolio, how are you managing your talent risks?”

+ August’ 18: Hosted by Ladies that UX Dublin at Workday,Dublin – ” Accessiblity in UX”

+ August’ 18: Hosted by Women in Blockchain Meetup – “Design Principles for Blockchain”

+ July’ 18: Hosted by Google Developers Dublin – “Principles of design for Blockchain”

+ May’ 18: Hosted by Workday – Women in Tech Summit 2018 – Panel about my experience as a female leader in Tech.

+ May’ 18: Hosted by CodePlus –CodePlus, a project to attract female secondary school students into CS – Panel about my experience working in the tech sector.

+ November’ 17: Hosted by ESPC17 – European Sharepoint – Intro talk about Girls in Tech Dublin.

+ October’ 17: Hosted by 404event in Dublin – Intro talk about Ladies that UX in Dublin.

+ April ’16: Hosted by Codess / Microsoft – Future of Cloud computing Modern Design UX.

+ Feb ’16: Hosted by Women Who Code – Talk and interactive session about UX.

Currently working

Currently redesigning Waytob app and designing Curlita app. Click here to access my entire portfolio.


Currently redesigning


Currently designing

More about me

Feel free to learn more about me accessing my Twitter, CV, About me, Medium, Behance or book an appointment.

Besides that I also have a blog about my expat life in Ireland (which I update sometimes).